Fulfill All of Your Aquarium Needs at Beital's Exotic Aquariums

Have you ever admired someone's fresh or saltwater aquarium and wanted to own one but thought it would be too difficult? , we can help you not only design a custom aquarium but help you with aquarium service and maintenance. Our custom aquariums act as showpieces in a home or office space, impressing anyone who walks through your door. We encourage you to stop by our new location or call to get price quotes. If this is your first installation, you can set up a private appointment to discuss pricing and design details. We like to think of our company as more than just a retailer, and we strive to offer the services, products, and expert advice that you need.

Aquarium Supplies and Services

While we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing custom tanks, we also offer a wide selection of tropical fish, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and plants. If you live in the Westchester County, NY area and want to browse some of the most beautiful reef fish, plant species, and live coral, then you need to plan a visit to Beital's Exotic Aquariums. If your budget is tight, we offer setups that cost much less than a brand new custom design. You can also get filtration systems, chillers, and chemicals.

Pond Design and Maintenance

If you desire to build an outdoor pond, we have experts who will work with you on the best style, size, and location for pond construction. The Manhattan, NY winters can get chilly, so our experts will also provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your pond working well throughout the winter. We stock numerous pond supplies, and can order anything that you want that you don't see in the store. At Beital’s Exotic Aquariums, our goal is to help you realize that owning a beautiful aquarium or outdoor pond is possible with the right equipment and knowledge.



73 South Pearl Street
Pearl River, NY 10965
Tel: (845) 735-2300
Fax: (845) 735-0209
Store hours:
M-F 9am to 6pm
Sat 9am to 5pm
Sun 9am-4pm

Evening hours by appointment only. Call for Directions.
Private appointments for new installs available.

Our new store in Pearl River is now open.. Bigger and better facilities, same quality livestock, equipment and service. Come into our new fully stocked store and shop for all your aquarium and pond needs.


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Pickup and Delivery of freshwater and Saltwater fish, holding facility for duration of power loss. Battery Operated Air pumps For Sale Every Aquarium Hobbyist should own one!! " Prices start at $29.00 to $149 . Also offering rentals of gasoline portable generators. Call us for specifics.


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  • 600 gallon tank in shopping center 
    800 gallon custom tank and cabinetry in our office.. Built, installed and maintained by Beitals. This tank is visible both from the office and the from the store side. Stop by and check it out at our new location!     
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    We install pond liners of all sizes biological and mechanical filters as well as submersible external pond motors for all size ponds. We install waterfalls and fountains as well as the landscape around the ponds

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NEW! Come see our our new Freshwater Plant sections. We carry a
large assortment of freshwater plants, CO2 dosing Equipment and more. Pictures will be uploaded soon!