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We sell Saltwater and Freshwater fish and Invertebrates, corals as well as Koi fish.
One of New York's Largest
Custom Aquarium Manufacturer and Maintenance Service Company
We have everything you need under one roof. New Larger location to serve you better
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We build and maintain outdoor ponds!

Let us make your yard the showplace you always dreamed it would be!

Custom Aquariums and Ponds built just for you!
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To all our customers please read:

Our pet hobby is being threatened by new regulations being enacted by our government. These rules and regulations will affect the availability and transportation of our pets and other animals both for our businesses and our hobbyist. Please follow the following link and write to your local, state and federal representatives.

Please download the following document and read section 1661













Please Note new store hours due to COVID-19

Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

We will go back to normal hours once COVID-19 is under control.

Stay safe and healthy

A message from Beital’s Aquariums & Ponds during this COVID-19 pandemic.

During this unprecedented time, all of us at Beital’s Aquariums & Ponds, first and foremost want to express our hopes and concerns that you and yours are safe and well.

We will continue to stay open with our revised hours to provide the necessary animal care, products and services required by our customers. With most of our clients confined to their homes it is important that the aquarium is clean, healthy and providing home entertainment, tranquility or just an escape. Yes, we are still cleaning and maintaining aquariums and we are also now opening up ponds as well.

For our service clients- Our technicians have been instructed to wear protective covering on their feet, gloves and face masks while inside any dwelling for everyone’s protection. Additionally, they are supplied with hand sanitizer which they are instructed to use whenever they enter or leave their vehicles and/or enter client locations. 845-735-2300

For store visits- If you would like to call ahead and place an order we are happy to prepare it for your pick up so you can be in and out of the facility quickly or do not have to even enter the store if you prefer not to. We can even process payment without you coming in if you would like. 845-735-2300

We understand the sensitive nature of what we do on many levels and how it affects our clients and their families. Stay well, be safe and do your part.


Craig Beital and staff



















    We sell  Saltwater Fish, corals, and Invertebrates as well as freshwater fish, koi and live plants

Have you ever admired someone's fresh or saltwater aquarium and wanted to own one but thought it would be too difficult?  We can help you not only design a custom aquarium but help you with aquarium service and maintenance. Our custom aquariums act as showpieces in a home or office space, impressing anyone who walks through your door. We encourage you to stop by our new location or call to get price quotes. If this is your first installation, you can set up a private appointment to discuss pricing and design details. We like to think of our company as more than just a retailer, and we strive to offer the services, products, and expert advice that you need.

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