Custom Pond construction

We install pond liners of all sizes, biological and mechanical filters as well as submersible and external pond motors for all size ponds. We install waterfalls and fountains as well as the landscape around the ponds.
The ponds we service or have installed have water that is clear and not green.
If you already have a pond we can update your filtration. We service pre-existing ponds and can install new equipment if necessary. At our showroom we stock a full selection of ki from 3 inches to over 24 inches.

Beital's Aquariums installs and maintains Ponds of any size ONLY in the tri-state area.
We build waterfalls, using natural rock and install fountains from residential to commercial size units. During Pond season we currently stock over 300 koi from 3 inches to over 24 inches as well as all other pond fish, at discounted prices.
We also build and install biological and mechanical filters with UV sterilizers of all sizes depending on size of pond.

At our showroom, we have one of the largest selections of all pond supplies and including all types of filters. If you should have any questions, please feel free to call us.


All ponds need regular maintenance, with more work at the beginning and end of the growing season in cold-weather climates. A koi pond does not have to be high maintenance but it does require regular upkeep to ensure the health of the koi fish you house as well as that of the plant life you choose to adorn within and around the pond. The amount of work and cost is heavily subjective and based on the size and complexity of the pond's environment.

The pond looks better with all the winter debris removed, and a clean pond provides a fresh environment for the bacteria in the biological filter and fresh water for the fish. The amount of cleaning necessary depends on the size and location of your pond. The pumps and filters should be cleaned as well on a regular basis.

We recommend a full “empty-out” cleaning every 2-3 years, depending upon your pond’s specific environment.


Beital’s Aquariums & Ponds is a leading aquarium and pond service & supply company in the tristate area. From filtration to circulation, from lighting to livestock, repair of and everything in between, Beital’s has it covered for all your pond needs.

We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to rid your pond of algae, cloudiness or deal with any equipment malfunction. Fully insured. VERY important when dealing with gallons of water & heavy equipment.

Beital’s Aquariums & Pond Service works with both residential and corporate clients to design install and maintain ponds as well as showcase aquariums (custom built or standard tank sizes). We are a 6,200 sq. foot, full service facility with over 30,000 gallons of fish, including a lot of assorted Koi & Goldfish and offering the largest selection of fresh and saltwater fish in the area. Additionally, we have all necessary equipment in stock at all times as we are a massive facility, allowing for immediate response to any service or equipment needs our clients might develop, 24/7/365.

We have over 30 yrs. satisfying Mom & Pop, corporate clients, high profile celebrities, institutions as well as numerous write ups in major publications. We would love a chance to speak with you and hopefully get your pond opened, cleaned or just stocked with Koi. I would offer to call you, but that can’t happen. If interested in seeing that pond sparkle, please call me @ 914-522-9530(cell) or 845-735-2300.


If you desire to build an outdoor pond, we have experts who will work with you on the best style, size, and location for pond construction. The tri-state winters can get chilly, so our experts will also provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your pond working well throughout the winter. We stock numerous pond supplies, and can order anything that you want that you don't see in the store. At Beital’s Exotic Aquariums, our goal is to help you realize that owning a beautiful outdoor pond is possible with the right equipment and knowledge.